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This is something that makes my OCD bash away at my skull:


This is either a ‘B’ or a ‘3’. THIS IS NOT AN AMPERSAND!

Ampersand (representing the junction word ‘and’) comes from the latin ‘et’ meaning ‘and’ (duh!). Et. An ‘E’ and a ‘t’. If you’ll excuse my MSPaint skills, it should have been:


I’d expect graphic designers to at least know what they are doing.


Wet-Nose vs SPCA

OK, so I’m from South Africa. Here, we don’t nearly have the money or empathy required to do something decent for animals. I admit, I absolutely love my meat. In fact, I’m one of the few people who love steak so rare, a good vet could re-‘build’ the animal. If the meat wasn’t in a fridge at the store, I’d eat it there-and-then.

Anyway, this evening – while at the local watering hole –  a girl showed up (a rather common occurrence) selling teddy bears in aid of Wet-Nose.

Now, in SA, everyone knows about the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or SPCA for short. Unfortunately they are ALWAYS strapped for cash. However, some lesser known organisations exist, too. Wet-Nose is one such organisation. I’ve known about Wet-Nose for quite some time now, but never thought I’d hear the words coming out of this girls mouth today. Her “Wet-Nose Plug” was; “Wet-Nose is LIKE the SPCA, but we don’t put animals down.” I could not believe the words that was coming out of her mouth! Yes, Wet-Nose does NOT put animals down. They just refuse to take any animals that might be considered candidates, leaving you with no other choice but to take them to the SPCA. It’s blame-shifting at its very best. In the end, no-one wants to support the SPCA because they put the animals down, and everyone supports Wet-Nose for NOT doing it. This creates a problem, because now the SPCA have no money to care for animals and have no choice but to put the animals down, and Wet-Nose sits with a shit-load of money to care for the 30-odd percent of animals they do take.

I always knew about both the SPCA and Wet-Nose, but NEVER thought Wet-Nose would use such underhanded methods to steal (yes, I said steal) money from the SPCA. I am extremely upset and disappointed. Shame on you, Wet-Nose!

A Blog Post

I don’t blog. Not sure why I even subscribed to this. Maybe I’ll type some stuff here. Don’t know what it will be about, though. I try too many things at once and hardly ever finish any of them so typing stuff regarding progress usually only start and never see the end. But we’ll see. I do lots of things so maybe I’ll type some stuff about that.