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Archive for April, 2012

Another (very) little app on the market

I was working on a game that required the roll of a die, so I spent a couple of days with blender to make a few movies and created digital die as a test app.

I figured I’d stick an ad in it and drop it on the market.



Android Development – My new hobby

That’s the latest;

I got myself a sweet Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and fell in love with android immediately. It is beautiful!

Of course, being a developer, I downloaded the SDKs and Eclipse and familiarised myself with Java. A whole lot of new things all at once.

I did a couple of ‘hello world’ apps, and then decided to dabble a bit with the multi-touch feature of the screens. I wanted to test it as quickly as possible, but still have something decent to show for it, so I decided to remake the classic Pong and allow two people to play against each other on the same device.

Pongz (as I decided to call it) is currently in it’s beta stage and requires feedback from unsuspecting users, but it’s my first real Android App so I don’t expect much love…